Frequently Asked Questions


How can I clean my Meer products?

All Meer products are made of natural materials. Therefore, we recommend you clean your product with a slightly damp cloth soaked in water. Do not use alternative methods or cleaning liquids to clean your product. We cannot guarantee the product will not be discolored or damaged with alternative methods. Meer warranties do not cover damages resulting from inappropriate cleaning methods.

Are Meer products waterproof?

All of our products are water resistant. CorkanaTex - own patented cork-bark textile - is highly water-resistant as well as our cotton canvas.

Are Meer products vegan?

Committed to a vegan philosophy all of our products are 100% cruelty-free.
- No animal harmed during any of our technical processes.
- No traces of animals products in any materials or substances.

Truly sustainable apparel can only exist without the use of animals.


What makes Meer the most sustainable bag label on the market?

In order to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental damages of the fashion industry, we have
(1) created the most sustainable premium vegan leather bags using natural materials and our patented CorkanaTex
(2) redesigned the assembly and manufacturing methods of our bags so that are goods are as biocompatible as possible.
(3) Not to mention, Meer goods are completely free of toxic contact glues foams or synthetic reinforcement.

Are your products cradle-to cradle certified?

All Meer products are 100% closed-loop products and precisely designed to be placed back in both the biological (biodegradable) and technical (recyclable) cycle. We have not acquired the official cradle-to cradle certified yet but it's in the works.

Do you use any plastic components in your product?

Instead of using toxic contact glues foams or synthetic reinforcement, we use customized natural composite materials made of natural rubber fused with coconut coir flax and hemp fibers sourced from within Europe. Working with local businesses allows us to strengthen sparsely populated rural areas in Europe and promote a more sustainable economy.

After reading the FAQ, I want to know more about CorkanaTex. What’s the carbon footprint of CorkanaTex vs. leather?

Unlike leather cork oaks capture carbon through photosynthesis resulting in plant growth and transforms atmospheric CO2 into O2. While 1 m2 of leather releases 110 kg of CO2 eq into the atmosphere 1 m2 of CorkanaTEX sequesters -1.7 kg CO2 eq. Globally the leather industry is responsible for a total of 19.4 x 103 tonnes CO2 per year representing the potential carbon emission savings when leather is replaced by CorkanaTEX.

In addition there would be 3 x 103 tonnes of CO2 eq uptake facilitated by the cork oak trees needed to meet global leather demand. Moreover there would be an additional savings of 5.75 x 104 tonnes CO2 eq annually attributed to tannery WWTPs worldwide.

In other words CorkanaTex is way more environmentally friendly than leather and off course no animals are being harmed in the process of making it.

Materials & Production

What’s the difference between CorkanaTex and conventional cork fabric?

CorkanaTex is world's only all-natural, 100% biodegradable cork bark textile. We do not use artificial plastics acrylics polyesters silicones paraffins or fillers as found in all conventional cork fabrics. Ordinary cork textiles are only slightly better for the environment than petroleum-derived materials.

CorkanaTEX is not only made up of robust natural materials, but it is also responsibly dyed with natural earth pigments, low-impact plant oils and non-toxic resins. Doing so, we eliminate the use of toxic chemicals such as chromiums, chlorinated phenols and hydrogen sulphide.

Where are Meer products produced?

We believe in ethical production practices. Therefore, all of our products are manufactured in Europe and we do not outsource to Asia for cheaper wages. By producing locally in Spain we can guarantee precise craftsmanship fair wages and ethical working conditions. Naturally we pay higher fairer prices.

What kind of canvas do you use?

We use a durable canvas that is densely woven from 100% cotton using the finest long staple fiber. Our high-performance, water-resistant canvas fabric is naturally waterproof. It is not coated or laminated with any chemicals. The combination of the dense weave and the swelling properties of the fibres when wet provide excellent weatherproofing. It is an entirely natural product that offers a unique level of comfort look and feel as well as being windproof highly breathable and very durable.

What kind of hardware do you use?

We use high-quality European metal hardware and authentic YKK zippers.


Where can I buy Meer products?

Our online store ships the Meer range worldwide, and we aim to offer the full range of products at all times (subject to availability).
Meer products will soon be also available in specialty retailers and concept stores around the world.

How can I know what's in stock?

The colors and styles shown on the Meer Goods online store represent our current product lineup. Sign up for the Meer newsletter to stay up to date on new arrivals and offers.

How can I pay?

We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal.

What is the estimated delivery time?

Europe - It take typically 5-8 business days depending on DHL/TNT.
World - It take typically 10-14 business days depending on DHL/TNT and customs.

Can I track my order?

Yes, upon placing your order you will receive a confirmation email that includes a tracking number.

What is your exchange policy?

You may return products (with your receipt) within 14 days upon receipt of the item. You are responsible for the return shipping costs and they are non-refundable. See Returns