Born under the mindset of envisioning beautiful, truly sustainable goods.

After our fruitless quest to find an elegant, robust backpack made from all natural fibers, we set out to design and engineer it ourselves.

While placing a strong emphasis on superior, natural materials in combination with functional, yet minimalistic designs, most important to us was that our products would be easily integrated back in the biological system.

Unfortunately, robust, truly environmentally-responsible textiles were no where to be found. So to make this a reality, we began researching and developing innovative way of designing materials and manufacturing bags.

After extensive R&D, we invented CorkanaTEX - a robust vegan cork bark textile that makes truly sustainable goods a reality.

Encompassing the true meaning of environmental responsibility, all of our products are completely free of all animal products - inside and out. Truly sustainable goods can only exist without the use of animals.

Social responsibility and transparency are core values for us at Meer. Therefore, we aim to provide an engaging, informative online store that reconnects our customers to the marvel of natural materials, production processes and people.