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The First 100% Plant-Based Designer Bags // Sustainable Luxury Redefined

Meer is an ethical lifestyle brand that explores sustainability through progressive, plant-based materials and elegant, high-quality minimalism. As an innovative brand with integrity, Meer places a strong emphasis on materials, aesthetics, product longevity and ethical production practices.

In response to the decline of quality craftsmanship and the scarcity of truly sustainable materials, Meer sources only plant-based, vegan materials that are: [1] sustainably innovative, [2] naturally robust, and [3] healthy for people + planet.

CorkanaTEX™ / Cork-Cannabis Textile

Meer has created the first truly sustainable cork-cannabis textile, which, unlike any other cork textile, is 100% biodegradable and is comprised of components, which are natural dyed and free from artificial fillers, acrylics, polyesters, silicones or hazardous chemicals.

Evolving from 3 years of innovative R&D and a strong commitment to biodegradability, CorkanaTEX™ has been developed by Meer, using a patented technology that protects both the process and finished material.

20/21 Beyond Collection

The Beyond Collection is a unique expression of sustainability & the limitless bounds of nature by means of utilizing the most resilient natural materials. This minimalistic yet intriguing style is the manifestation of a new approach to ecological design and manufacturing.

Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and Mediterranean finesse, Meer bags never fall short of perfection.

Through their visionary approach of using the finest plant fibers paired with their expertise in natural dyes and sustainable design, Meer has passionately and precisely developed the first truly sustainable collection of elegant, durable, vegan bags.

In addition to the bags made from CorkanaTEX™, Meer is proud to introduce their Limited Black Edition. This edition features two additional plant-based vegan textiles: an African fig tree bark, known as BarkTex, which is the most ancient textile in human history to date, and the new kid on the block - Piñatex - made from pineapple leaves.

Behind MEER

Meer, co-founded by Jan Rohn and Leigh Steenersøn, was born under the mindset of creating truly sustainable designer bags, which are long-lasting and follow the Cradle to Cradle philosophy developed by William McDonough and Michael Braungart.

Driven to create, inspire and revolutionize the fashion industry, Meer combines its expertise in engineering, ecological design and material sciences to create and design robust, natural products. The essence of Meer designs is the combination of high-quality, natural materials with functional, elegant lines, which simplify and intrigue.

Committed to revolutionizing the product lifecycle concept and the realm of sustainable materials, Meer works in close collaboration with many family-owned companies and sustainable initiatives, giving them better knowledge and control over the way every product component is produced.

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